15 Pictures That Tell Really Weird Stories — Can You Figure Out What's Going On In These Photos?

Every picture tells a story, but these 15 pictures tell incredibly bizarre and puzzling stories. Can you figure out what's going on in these pictures? If you can, please let us know.

These shots come from the archives of the amazing and strange site Awkward Family Photos — but "awkward" doesn't even begin to describe most of these pictures. These pictures suggest stories — weird, puzzling stories. And to be honest, your guess is as good as ours when it come to figuring out what's going on here.

We've brought you strange and awkward photos before, but this batch has left us scratching our heads far more than any of the others. See if you can fill in the stories behind these 15 photos, then tell us what you've come up with.


We're pretty sure this isn't what it looks like. But what does it look like?

Picture Stories 1

"'Scuse me, I'm trying to get to San Diego Comic Con but I think I missed my exit..."

Picture Stories 2

Admit it, moms, you all can relate to the story behind this picture.

Picture Stories 3

We're going to say the story here is, clowns are creepy.

Picture Stories 4


Picture Stories 5

This jolly fellow is actually Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, so the story behind this one is easy to guess.

Picture Stories 6

Good old fashioned family values...

Picture Stories 7

Ah, young love...

Picture Stories 8

This bride is going into marriage fully prepared.

Picture Stories 9

We don't care how many guns you've got. When you're wearing that shorts-boots combination, you're not scaring anyone.

Picture Stories 10

The story behind this photo seems to be, "The '80s were awesome!"

Picture Stories 11

A whole new twist on the bridal bouquet toss?

Picture Stories 12

Not sure what the story is here, but we don't want to know what was in the picnic basket.

Picture Stories 13

The real story here is what happened after the photo, and that's a story we're not sure we want to hear.

Picture Stories 14

The story here is a pretty easy one to guess — and one we can all relate to!

Picture Stories 15

Fanny pack. Gold chain outside the turtleneck — but this guy is now one of the world's most famous movie stars, proving that there's hope for us all. How's that for a story?

Picture Stories 16

Okay, we lied. That was 16 photos.

So what's your story?