'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Frankie Grande Tells The House Guests His Big Secret

Big Brother 16 viewers might be surprised to learn Frankie Grande is playing the game for charity. At least, that's what Frankie is telling his fellow house guests - along with his big secret: that's he's the brother of singer Ariana Grande.

While Grande's revelations have yet to air, they have been reported on the Big Brother Network blog which documents the action on the live feeds. Frankie chose to change his game play just hours after saving himself from eviction this week, by winning the Battle of the Block competition.

But it may not be his tenuous position in the house that has led him to spill the beans now. People reports that Grande's plan all along was to name his famous sibling before the jury members were evicted. On Thursday, double eviction night, Jocasta and Hayden became the first two members of the jury. Before Frankie entered the house, he told People:

"I think the jury needs to know. I don't think it is something that will win me points with the jury if I blindside them with it at voting night, so I would probably want to slip it in before the jury starts getting evicted."
Ariana was watching and tweeted support for her brother's reveal:Some house guests apparently wanted to cash in, with Christine wondering if Frankie could help her husband, who is pursuing a music career. Caleb Reynolds mused that perhaps Frankie could get him into the studio with Justin Bieber, and Ariana was on top of that:Caleb's reaction is perhaps one of the most significant for the Big Brother game, since he had previously cited Frankie as his number one target for eviction. Caleb even threatened to throw the Battle of the Block this week, in which the two were paired after being nominated by Nicole, so that Frankie would face certain expulsion. According to Big Brother Network, Frankie won the competition on his own.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Frankie's conversation with house mates is his claim that he's playing for charity. He said he plans to use his winnings to build schools in Africa - a claim Big Brother Network questions, since Frankie never mentioned it outside of the house. Although Frankie is a YouTube personality, he may not be the "media mogul" he told house guests he is.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Frankie claimed to be a reality show fan but did not name Big Brother as his favorite program before going into the house.

The house guests' overall reaction was mixed. Some were annoyed at Frankie's deception; others claimed he may have a leg up on the America's Choice prize at the end of the season because of his and his sister's fan followings.

How the Big Brother producers spin Frankie's reveal should become clear Sunday night on CBS.

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