Miley Cyrus Fan Gets A Handful At Raunchy Meet And Greet

Miley Cyrus apparently wants her fans to get plenty of bang for their buck.

Unlike other pop stars currently on the market (hint: Avril Lavigne), the former Hannah Montana star doesn’t have a problem getting very friendly with those who shell out tons of money for her meet and greets. In fact, one might say that Cyrus fans get a lot more than just a photograph. At least one guy managed to score a little something extra, anyway.

According to the Irish Independent, Miley Cyrus had an extremely close encounter with a fan named David during her recent stop at New York’s Nassau Coliseum. Not only did the guy get to pretend to kiss the singer, the (lucky?) individual also managed to do a few other things some guys would pay around $900 to experience. Oh, wait…

Curious to see the photos featuring Miley Cyrus and her frisky fan? Direct your attention to the images below. Some might say these are mildly unsafe for work, though we’re really not sure where these pics would be appropriate.

Although other people coughed up quite a bit of money to spend some quality time with Miley Cyrus, their respective adventures weren’t nearly as touchy feely. However, that doesn’t mean the singer didn’t get all up in their personal space.

August 2nd – Miley Cyrus BangerzTour Meet & Greet,Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. #MTVHottest Miley Cyrus

— Smiler?smiler. (@Smiler4ever98) August 3, 2014

At least people get their money’s worth out of these meet and greets. If you’re going to drop $900 to meet Miley Cyrus, then at least the encounter is interactive. As crazy as it sounds, it’s probably a once in a lifetime experience for her fans.

“Miley is just having fun with her fans. She spends time with them and talks to them at meet and greets,” an anonymous source recently explained.

Would you pay almost a thousand dollars to hang out with Miley Cyrus? Are you surprised that she gets so frisky with some of her fans?

[Lead image via Mstarz / Terry Richardson]