Was LeAnn Rimes Butt Selfie Really An Accident?

A recent picture posted to Twitter by LeAnn Rimes really bit her in the butt. Rimes posted a picture of herself making pancakes, claiming she didn't notice that she had captured a shot of her nearly nude rear reflected in a nearby mirror.

LeAnn took down the picture almost immediately, but not before other users had shared the racy picture of her backside clad only in a skimpy black thong.

The incident was documented on the "Eating and Tweeting" episode of the singer's VH1 reality show, LeAnn and Eddie, which showed the couple dealing with the fallout of "Buttgate."

A Fox News online recap of Thursday's show called the butt tweet "a (maybe not so) innocent attempt to share her love of hotcakes with her followers…"

Although her publicist, family, and friends were a bit concerned that her butt was trending online, LeAnn - who is not shy of posing for bikini pics - actually seemed to enjoy the attention, quipping, "The good thing is LeAnn Rimes' affair is 14th on the list now on Google searches."

Rimes even poked fun at her conservative mother Belinda's reaction to the selfie in a tweeted meme:

"Everybody is going to be so judgmental of all that. You know how people are," LeAnn's mom said.

On Thursday's episode of LeAnn and Eddie, Rimes commented on her "mistake," saying, "I'm the only person I know that can take a selfie of pancakes and then tweet a picture where you fully see my a** in a thong in the mirror behind me. What is wrong with me?" She later added, "This is 100 percent my fault. I take complete responsibility."

LeAnn seemed more concerned that her sons, Mason and Jake, would see the photo online than she was with her public image. "I have a pretty tough skin when it comes to bad press," she said. "But I have two fantastic step kids and it is scary to know that they can go to a computer and Google basically anything." The Inquisitr reports that she says the two boys are "her life."

Rimes' publicist, Kira's solution to the problem was to just let it blow over and wait until someone else did something worse to draw attention away from it. But LeAnn decided to post a picture of her husband, Eddie's behind on Twitter as a "distraction." She later tweeted:

What do you think? Was LeAnn Rimes selfie an accident? Or did she do it to draw attention to her new show?