Startling Videos: Babies Playing With Cobras Are Leaving Parents Cringing [Videos]

A startling video has been making its way around Facebook leaving many American parents cringing. However, some from India are saying the practice of allowing children – including babie s- to play with Cobras is harmless as the snake’s teeth are removed, and mouths are typically sewn shut.

It is important to note when watching the video that the baby is not being bitten by the snake. The snake has no teeth and has a mouth that cannot open. However, as some point out, the whole idea of allowing a child to play with a cobra in this fashion is disturbing and could be considered a form of animal abuse.

The uploader of the video, Youtube user Vinod Rajagopal, says:

“Looking at the video from your point of view, i can feel your concern.. because you have been brought up very differently.. but believe me, this is not at all child abuse… and its not at all dangerous..These people are tribals. The snake is defanged and has no poison whatsoever. These people actually worship snakes and the children actually grow up playing with snakes. This isn’t animal abuse either because most of these snakes are ones that have been “rescued” from lands that were previously jungle but have now been turned into concrete jungles…If you visit these villages, you will find children walking around with snakes in their hands, you’ll find snakes comfortably sleeping inside the house with the families. The villagers feed the snakes and take care of them like their own child. “

Animal rights advocates disagree and claim that Cobras who are used for animal charming, such as the snake in the video, have their mouths sewn or glued shut and eventually the snake dies of starvation. The baby in the video above isn’t the only child in India playing with these deadly snakes.

In the video below you can see a number of small children and toddlers playing with cobras on mats and in baskets. The cobras can be seen striking at the children, but without the ability to bite, no harm comes to the children. However, we can’t say the same for the snakes. As you can see, the snakes are hit, pinched, and grabbed by the children as they play.

In a similar report by the Inquisitr, a baby in India was filmed as he lay sleeping with four cobras surrounding him.