‘Apparently Kid’ Noah Ritter Gets Auto-Tuned! [Video]

A few days ago, The Inquisitr reported about the epic interview by Noah Ritter, the 5-year-old kid from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Better known now as the “Apparently Kid,” his hilarious interview with a local television channel with the extensive usage of the term “apparently” went viral. Noah gave the interview at the local country fair in which he talked like a drunk old man. The boy kept on talking and talking until he was taken away by his grandfather.

The entire clip was broadcast by the TV station later after which it started to gain popularity and went viral. Here is the original clip embedded below.

After the video clip went viral, the “Apparently kid” even got a T-Shirt meme after him. And just when you thought things would stop there, here comes the new auto-tuned version of his now famous speech!

Folks from over at Schmoyoho, who have in the past created auto- tuned versions of several viral videos, have released an auto tuned version of the “Apparently Kid’s” speech at the county fair, reports Mashable. And let me tell you, it is hilarious. Needless to say, this one too has gone viral and the view count bar is ticking fast. As of now, it is nearing the 300,000 views mark.

Meanwhile, Noah Ritter is still recovering from the shock of his new found popularity. After the initial clip went viral, the “Apparently Kid” was a subject of debate on Reddit — ranging from discussions as to what new memes could be made out of this to what celebrity Noah actually sounded like.

ABC News too interviewed him later — in which he admitted that he was “a bit embarrassed” by what had happened.

People are now urging Ellen DeGeneres to invite the “Apparently Kid” to her show. Considering his popularity, this might just be a possibility in the weeks to come!

Have you watched the auto-tuned version of Noah Ritter’s speech? What do you think about it?

[Image via YouTube]