WWE News: TNA Talent Freaking Out Over WWE SmackDown’s Move To Thursday

TNA wrestling has backed themselves into a corner with a little bit more wiggle room than WCW ever had. While Dixie Carter said no to Spike TV’s 10 percent demand, things are getting from bad to worse. WCW and TNA are very much alike in certain ways. They both have to compete with WWE, the professional wrestling giant.

Vince McMahon has technically been at the helm for both situations and is already 1-for-1. The recent downfall of TNA has caught the attention of the WWE, and there has been rumors of Friday Night Smackdown may be going to Thursday nights on the SyFy network.

Meanwhile, TNA caught wind of WWE’s recent move and has started to create mass panic backstage at the Impact Wrestling tapings.

It appears that people in the company are on edge because they are expecting an announcement on TNA’s future with Spike TV soon. A meeting was held with TNA officials on August 7 that reportedly left those backstage in better spirits. According to sources, the vibe is more positive backstage than it was before. However, there is still no clear answer about the company’s future with Spike TV.

No matter what anybody says, this is not good for TNA. The WWE is playing the role of a shark in a pond full of goldfish. It is only a matter of time before the shark eats the goldfish with one big gulp. Friday Night Smackdown is about to put Impact Wrestling out of business.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m in favor of people losing their jobs. That couldn’t be further from the truth. However, with TNA already failing at ratings, they fired their best creative writer and haven’t made any advances in developing talent. With Vince Russo gone, they had to rush Carter being put through a table. That was Russo’s idea that he could never finish out.

WWE is playing it very smart. Nothing is confirmed, as far as Smackdown moving to Thursday goes. The only sign was a production bus that had an advertisement for the rumored move.


For all the WWE Universe knows, that could be meant as a purposeful move to make TNA worry. In times of panic, bad moves are made. If Carter is smart, she won’t make it obvious that WWE is out to get Impact Wrestling. She would just let it go and continue to take it one day at a time.

Paul Heyman said something on Raw, while referencing ECW, that spoke volumes of a “dying” wrestling brand. “I have lied everyday of my stinking life, because I am a promoter. And that’s what promoter’s do. We lie to survive tonight, simply to get to tomorrow,” said Heyman.

“Whatever answer I’ve had to give in my life to survive that particular evening just so I could wake up that next day alive with a business, or with a career, or for a job. I’ve lied through my teeth. I’ve lied swearing to God. I’ve lied on the souls of my parents. I have lied, lied, lied, lied and I don’t regret it because that’s what it took for me to survive.”

Those are the words Carter must live by, or WWE will crush TNA, like they did WCW in 2001. If Smackdown is moved to Thursday nights, don’t expect TNA to be on television for much longer, because McMahon has won again; mark it 2-for-2.

[Images via wresltingnewssource.com and wrestlekrazie.com]