Mel Gibson Working With Warner Bros. To Create Jewish Hero Epic

Oscar winner Mel Gibson appears to be over his anti-Semitism, the actor is said to be working with Warner Bros. to create a jewish hero epic about the life of Judah Maccabee. Judah’s ancient victory is celebrated by Hanukkah. You may recall that in 2006 the actor was arrested on DUI charges and was caught on film screaming anti-Jewish remarks.

Joe Eszterhas will pen the screenplay while Gibson may choose to direct the film or possibly act in the movie after he has approved the screenplay. Gibson, 55, would likely play the part of priest Mattathias, the father of Maccabee.

According to the Gibson camp he has been fascinated with the project for years and at one point he was looking at the movie as a follow-up project for The Passion of the Christ. The follow-up idea would make sense since Passion earned $612 million in worldwide box office, making it the highest grossing R-rated films of all time.

After last summers constant spats with former girlfriend and baby mama Oskana Grigorieva it will be interesting to see if Gibson’s religion based movie will still garner an audience, especially from the Jewish community.

Gibson’s reps say the movie would attempt to resonate with audiences in the same way Braveheart did by focusing on a strong lead hero who helps his forces develop the courage and skill they needed to rise up against tyranny and defend their lands.

Are you willing to watch Mel Gibson direct a Jewish hero epic or are you over his craziness?