‘Skyrim’ Mod Aims To Recreate ‘MediEvil’ From The PS One

Modders have done some amazing things with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC thanks to tools released by developer Bethesda Softworks and those created by the community. The first look at a mod for that remakes MediEvil for the original Playstation console was released Thursday and it’s impressive.

MediEvil: Hero of Gallowmere comes from modder KorinOo at Nexusmods (via VG247). It’s a remake of the first four levels of the original Medievil that takes players from the Sir Dan’s crypt to the first boss in the Mausoleum.

KorinOo is not attempting to do a one-to-one conversion of the original game using Skyrim. He says, “I want to make all the levels/areas recognizable and close to original, but at the same time i want to update some archaic mechanics (combat, interactions, etc.) to modern standards.”

He adds, “The main goal is to have this creepy graveyard feeling and then add some specific details to make it more Tim Burton style.”

He explained the differences further in a post on the Nexusmods forum.

“About the differences between original and this mod… It’s hard to explain. For example, I’m trying to preserve original shape of the levels and keep many memorable things from the original, but at the same time I’m adding/changing many small things. And when you add all those small things, they actually change quite a lot. From notable things, souls/chalice collecting will be reworked, there will be more friendly NPC’s, some collectibles to find, and things like that. I would love to use original music, but I’m afraid Sony might not like this idea.”

KorinOo further explained his motivations behind recreating MediEvil when another forum user asked if they could donate money.

“The whole donation thing is not an option. One, I started this project because I always wanted to create games and creating a ‘Skyrim’ mod was a good thing to start from. It was actually a coincidence that this mod have anything to do with ‘MediEvil.’ Two, I’m a ME fan and I miss Sir Daniel adventures as any other ME fan. This is for you guys. I hope this project pushes Sony to actually doing something in this matter. Three, ME is property of Sony, and ‘TES:Skyrim’ is Zeniamx/Bethesda franchise. I respect those two companies and I can’t take money for something I don’t have rights to.

The Skyrim mod is still a work in progress, but the trailer shows an impressive looking start despite lacking the cartoon-ish graphics of the original. KorinOo used the TESA Resort Kit Project Resources for modders by Runespect and Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67.

What do you think of this Skyrim mod? Is it something you would be interested in trying? Sound off in the comments below.

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