Honeymoon In The Hospital Is ‘Happiest Day Of Our Lives’

Few would consider having their honeymoon in a hospital room as being particularly ideal or romantic. Yet for many couples, it’s the happiest day of their lives.

For one couple last week, their happiness was thanks to the team of big-hearted nurses at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

It all started on Friday night when Jack Corrigan, the groom-to-be, went to the Regions Hospital emergency room after having his groom’s dinner with friends. His stomach pain turned out to be a perforated appendix. Doctors wanted to do surgery immediately, but Corrigan knew dozens of friends and family were arriving in town at that moment to participate in the wedding to take place Saturday. Not wanting to disappoint them, he convinced doctors and hospital staff to hold off on the surgery and jokingly said that his hospital recovery room would be their honeymoon suite.

Corrigan ignored the pain and went through with the happy day of nuptials with his wife Annie Lewine, greeting guests and spending some time at the reception afterwards before returning to Regions. When he was ushered into his room, he was greeted not only by his new wife Annie, but by a room decorated as a honeymoon suite by nurses and staff along with a “swag basket” of goodies as a wedding gift from the hospital.

Talking with WFMY News, the couple laughed that their photo album includes wedding pictures, friends and family photos, and their honeymoon in the hospital. Pictures include “tuxedos and hospital gowns,” laughs Jack.

It turns out that hospital honeymoons aren’t unusual. Earlier this year, a Utah couple also spent most of their honeymoon in a hospital. Newlyweds Brent and Jo Killian were married and then went on a honeymoon cruise where Brent became sick and was airlifted to a hospital in North Carolina.

The couple spent over a week in the hospital before returning home to Utah. The couple says they made the most of their hospital honeymoon and are just glad to have each other, according to a KSL News report.

Honeymoons in a hospital are sometimes voluntary as well. For one couple last year, their nuptials were followed by a honeymoon in a hospital suite after she donated her kidney to her new husband as a wedding gift. According to the Morning Call, Aubrey and Joe Carvalho entered the hospital within days of their wedding. Joe had been born with only one kidney and was diagnosed with kidney disease at age 16.

Sometimes “in sickness and in health” takes on new meaning.

[Headline photo courtesy of Regions Hospital via KARE11]