Watch This Pit Bull Pull Off Some Amazing Bollywood Dance Moves, He Does Ballet Too [Video]

In this viral video, you can see a pit bull dancing to some Bollywood music with his female owner. The video features music by Indian composer Allah-Rakha Rahman and shows the dog performing a number of dance moves with his dance partner.

Commenters on the video note that the dog is very gentle and well-behaved, saying it is not the kind of grace and obedience they would expect from a pit bull. However, others note that the dog just represents what pit bulls can accomplish when cared for properly. One commenter, Adrian Ferrufino, notes:

“This video reflects the awesome things a dog can do if you spend time and take proper care of your pet.”

The dog, whose name translates to “Yoga,” is also an expert at other dance genres as well. Another video shows Yoga the Pit Bull dancing a ballet routine with his owner while she wears what appears to be a fairy-esque costume.

Yoga isn’t the only dog with an owner trying to change the way people view pit bull behavior and personality. One photographer is challenging the way people view pit bulls with a photo series that features the dogs photographed with gentle lighting in floral headpieces.

Another photographer has started a project that shows the private nature of dogs in the confines of a photobooth. The first photo released in the series featured two rescue Pit Bulls showing some compassion for one another in the photobooth.

What do you think of the dancing pit bull? Do you prefer his Bollywood or ballet moves?