Mom Calls The Police After What Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Saw On The Family Television

Imagine this scenario: A hard-working mother returns home with her young daughter. Once inside the comfort of their own home, the daughter asks her mother if she could watch funny cartoons on the television. To the daughter’s delight, the mother grants her permission. She runs to the living room, plops on the couch, grabs the remote, and turns on the big screen… and she sees two nude people ravaging each other between bed sheets, kind of a like how animals do it on the Discovery Channel but with people.

For Chavonda Gallman, that is the unfortunate situation to happen to her 2-year-old daughter. The situation was enough for Gallman to call for assistance from the police too.

According to articles by The Smoking Gun and The Blaze, Chavonda Gallman, a woman living in Spartanburg, South Carolina, summoned cops to her home after discovering there was porn on the family television in the living room. Apparently, her 15-year-old son was the one watching the porn on the television and he must have forgotten to turn it off.

Chavonda Gallman (Portrait from her Google+ Account)

The police report details that Chavonda Gallman told sheriff’s deputies that she returned home at 3 pm with her 2-year-old daughter. She was also with a client since she works as a real estate agent. Her son was in his room when the trio arrived. Upon entering the home, Gallman’s daughter turned on the television which had porn on. Immediately, Gallman and the client took action by turning off the television and taking the daughter out of the room.

Finally, Gallman explained the reason for calling the authorities is because her son has been having behavior issues. She also added that she wanted to file a report to document her son’s behavior along with the fact her young daughter was exposed to pornography. As for the situation with the son accessing porn, generally it is not illegal. Unless he was shown or given any form of pornography by an adult, then there would be ramifications for the one who supplied it. Viewing porn by minors is not considered illegal if they choose to do so, such as breaking into their parent’s magazine stash or searching for it on the internet.

What do you think about the situation Chavonda Gallman was in? It is understandable why she got her 2-year-old daughter out of the room because porn was on the screen, but did she overreact by calling the authorities? Could it be possible that her son having “behavior issues could be a part of him maturing into a man? Please let us know in the comments below.

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