Coolest New App Ever, French Girls, Pokes Fun At Your Awkward Selfies

Do your selfies suck? I mean really, really suck? Do they suck so much that others purposefully make fun of them? Then you, sir or madam, might just be a perfect fit for French Girls, a radical new portrait-sketching mobile app that lets random strangers anonymously draw a portrait from your blundering selfie.

Bustle contributor Stephanie Hayes explains:

“Taking its name from Kate Winslet’s famous ‘Draw me like one of your French girls’ line in The Titanic, the app instructs users to ‘Take selfies. Get drawings.’ After submitting a selfie, users receive a hand-drawn interpretation of the photo from an anonymous stranger… who, judging from past drawings, is probably on hard drugs. They then get the chance to draw others.”

Sound boring? Think again! The fun stems from the fact that French Girls happens to contain a whole slew of extremely talented (as well as zany) artists hell-bent on mocking the heck out of you. The following examples should give you a clear-cut idea of what to expect from the app:

French Girls Strangers Anonymously Draw

French Girls Anonymously Drawn Selfie

French Girls Hilarious Portraits

French Girls Selfies

This is not to say that you are guaranteed a brilliant portrait. Not at all. The French Girls app forces every new sign-up to both submit an immediate selfie and draw somebody else, regardless of his or her drawing skills or the lack thereof. It turns out that many, many, many people lack the capability to draw. The problem is that each selfie you submit is only allowed one portrait. So if someone who sucks at drawing winds up drawing your portrait, you’re pretty much out of luck and have to then take another selfie.

The Huffington Post writer Taylor Casti describes this annoying catch like this: “Because you never know if your next selfie is going to become a cave painting or a Monet, you keep uploading to find out.”

Speaking of which, French Girls currently prevents you from uploading pictures from your gallery. This means you MUST take an awkward selfie to participate in the app. This also means that you cannot upload old pictures of your very dorky friends. Quite annoying, right!?

However, while annoying, these features help keep the app trudging along, which it certainly does. And the truth remains that for most people who download the app, the real fun comes from looking at the zaniest drawings featured in the app’s gallery:

french girls app for windows phone Very Amusing Inappropriate Portrait

French Girls is currently available on both the Android Market and Apple Store, so if you feel like getting mocked, download it right away!

[Image via Google Images]