Charles Manson Married Soon, Wife Will Be 25-Year-Old Girlfriend Afton Burton

Will we see Charles Manson married soon? It certainly seems that way since 25-year-old girlfriend Afton Burton says she will become Manson’s wife in a short time. No, this is not a hoax, although it was rumored recently that Manson would be granted parole.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Manson girl Patricia Krenwinkel gave an interview from prison on the 45th anniversary of the killing spree.

Burton was only 16 years old when she began to fall in love with Charles Manson from afar while living with her parents in Illinois. Fortunately, she is not in love because of the infamous actions of the 79-year-old convicted murderer. Instead, she became attracted after reading about Manson’s environmental philosophy called ATWA, which stands for air, trees, water, and animals:

“It’s the life on the planet, you know. The Earth is a rock and everything else on it is ATWA.”

The girl eventually started calling herself Star and began sending letters and talking to Manson on the phone:

“We talk about anything and everything, you know, like what’s going on today — who’s doing what. I try to help him file papers and stuff like that.”

Phil Burton is her father, and while he does not like what is daughter is doing, he says he will not reject Afton even if she becomes Charles Manson’s wife:

“We have not, we are not going to and we never will, no matter what she does in her life, disown our daughter. I love my kids more than life itself. I love my daughter, my wife loves my daughter and I know she still loves us…. If I could have shut it down when it started, of course I would have. But we couldn’t. She was already 18 by the time we found out.”

Needless to say, no one in the Burton family will be attending Charles Manson’s wedding ceremony.

Eventually, at age 19, Star moved to Corcoran, a small California city near Corcoran State Prison where Manson has been housed for the last 25 years. She even carved a mark into her forehead two years ago in order to mimic an act taken by the Manson Family during the 1971 trial. In this case, she did it at Manson’s request because he was put in solitary confinement. Regardless of how that sounds, Star claims Manson is not trying to manipulate her:

“The only thing that he’s trying to manipulate people into doing is planting trees and cleaning up the Earth. He genuinely cares about that. He’s nice to everyone. I’ve never seen him try to be manipulative. I’ve never seen any of that…. I don’t care what those kind of people think. It doesn’t make any difference. The man that I know is not what they have in the movies or in documentaries and the books. He’s nothing like that. He doesn’t tell people what to do. He’s not manipulative at all.”

Afton’s father would disagree with that assessment, and instead says Manson has “Napoleon Syndrome,” which is is characterized by overly aggressive or domineering social behavior.

Still, Star dismisses critics who say she is crazy and says she will go beyond being Charles Manson’s girlfriend soon:

“He filed for the first round of paperwork. I’m completely with him, and he’s completely with me. It’s what I was born for, you know. I don’t know what else to say.”

Even though Afton Burton will legally become Charles Manson’s wife, their contact will be limited. During prison visits, Star and Manson can only hug once at the beginning and end. Because he is serving a life sentence, she will not be allowed to have conjugal visits despite being married. Manson is turning 80 in November and his future wife does not know what she will do with herself when he passes away from old age. Other than the marriage, she plans on spending her days painting and managing Manson fan websites as a loyal member of the Manson Family.