Nicolle Wallace Reportedly Named As 'The View' Co-Host

Nicolle Wallace is reportedly one of the new co-hosts of The View.

A political commentator and novelist, Wallace served as White House communications director in the George W. Bush administration and worked on the John McCain presidential campaign.

Also joining the panel will be October Gonzalez, the wife of retired Atlanta Falcons star Tony Gonzalez, if various media accounts turn out to be correct. Entertainment journalist Lauren Sanchez is also apparently in the running for the gig. There is an unusual dynamic involving October Gonzalez and Lauren Sanchez; according to TMZ, Sanchez is the mother of the first child of Tony Gonzalez.

Nicolle Wallace evidently will occupy the so-called conservative seat on the show that became vacant when Elisabeth Hasselbeck jumped to Fox and Friends. Judging by her appearances on MSNBC's Morning Joe, however, Wallace is more of a liberal, go-along-to-get along, wishy washy Beltway Republican than a conservative, despite how the media is labeling her. An individual that falls into this category is often derisively referred to as a RINO, i.e. a Republican in name only.

According to The New York Times, Wallace even declined to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket in the 2008 presidential election.

Apart from the Sarah Palin-bashing Wallace, other viable options for The View included pundits S.E. Cupp, Emily Miller, and Tammy Bruce among others. Sarah Palin herself even floated the idea of joining the panel. Selecting someone other than Miller seems perhaps like a missed opportunity based on performance. As a guest host, Miller was vavacious, funny, and connected well with the studio audience. She also when necessary could be a forthright advocate for political issues, one of which is gun rights. Given Elisabeth Hasselbeck's limited debating skills when it comes to politics, perhaps Wallace will nonetheless be an upgrade.

As previously reported, Hasselbeck foe Rosie O'Donnell is rejoining the panel with the departure of Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd. Whoopi Goldberg is staying put on the long-running ABC talk show.

Several auditions have taken place to determine the level of chemistry among the panelists, but with regard to the new hosts, a rep for The View said yesterday that "it's all speculation at this point -- we don't have any announcement; no decisions have been made," according to Deadline Hollywood.

Further on the subject of guns, McCarthy and Shepherd recently had a discussion of gun ownership that seemed to be a profound departure from the standard liberal philosophy offered up each day by The View moderators:

Do you think that Nicolle Wallace is a good hire for The View assuming the speculation proves out?

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