‘Soul Sacrifice Delta’ 1.30 Update Live As Final Patch With Odin Boss Fight

The Soul Sacrifice Delta 1.30 patch is now live as the final patch for the PS Vita title. Adding a new boss encounter, costumes, and other in-game goodies, Sony is hoping to entice gamers to return to their character for one last jaunt through Avalon.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the update for Soul Sacrifice Delta 1.30 is the final patch for the game. According to Kumi Yuasa, an SCEA Producer, the game is going out with a bang by bringing the player against the “brainy” founder of Avalon himself. Quoting from the post on the PlayStation Blog:

“He started his monster slaying career as ‘Persapius I’ and finished it as the infamous fiend ‘Odin.’ I am sure you will appreciate the irony that he would himself turn into the very thing that he worked so hard to destroy. Some people are obsessed with gold, some with power, beauty, love… For the first Persapius it was knowledge, an unquenchable thirst for it which drove him over the edge. And yes, you’ve guessed it: it’s up to you to clean up the mess.”

Besides fighting the last major boss encounter in the 1.30 update, a few new goodies have been doled out, namely the original Magusar costume for the boys and the Kat costume from Gravity Rush, another Sony title for the PlayStation Vita. Other updates include Additional Pacts, Rumors, Sigils, NPC’s, and the requisite bug fixes, tweaks, and enhancements.

The 1.30 patch for Soul Sacrifice Delta brings to an end one of Keiji Inafune’s successful side projects after his departure from Capcom in 2010. He rose to fame from his RockMan franchise, more commonly known as MegaMan outside of Japan. The project was a unique departure for Inafune as a third person fighter that used “sacrifice” of body parts as a core mechanic. Players could sacrifice parts of their body, or items, to enhance their attacks, leaving permanent marks on the player’s body.

[Image Source | Sony]