You Might Think Baby Photobombs Are Completely Unintentional, Think Again

Photobombs, whether intentional or otherwise are always an interesting outcome of casual photography. While humans have rather perfected the art of inserting themselves within other’s photos, often in hilarious postures and facial expressions, animals also seem to have picked up the art quite well. We even saw a monkey taking repeated selfies, and now humans are quarreling about the ownership.

While even the animals can photobomb with such perfection, we can’t imagine babies doing it too. Toddlers are often unaware of their surroundings, let alone a photo opportunity. Even rarer is the awareness of a photobomb opportunity. But these adorable photos will force you to consider whether babies, toddlers and kids are actually way smarter than they want us believe they are.

The kid seems to be questioning the life choices of the man.

The kid seems to be questioning the person's choices

Image Credit | Imgur

The kid seems to be perfecting the art of espionage. He has to because a new arrival just might challenge his earlier rightful place on mother’s lap

The Secret Service is watching

Image Credit | Vwall1

The camera is clearly misaligned. It is the baby that’s clearly more important than the boring lecture. But who brings a baby to a lecture, and who photographs the event?

The Camera loves me!

Image Credit | izismile

This kid appears to have learnt the art of photobombing, complete with the mandatory weird image and awkward lift-up of shirt at a very young age. Will he be a serial photobomber when he grows up?

Future professional photobomber?

Image Credit | Huffington Post

The kid sure does act surprised for a person who has just skilfully photobombed

Angry Bird Or Spongebob Squarepants

Image Credit | Offbeat

This toddler skilfully inserted himself at precisely the right moment. The man behind didn’t even suspect.

Why is smiling?

Image Credit | MoreFM

No matter the confusion in the photo, this kid happily smiled despite being in an awkward posture for a photo.

What is going on here?

Image Credit | Membase

Is it a sexy selfie? Watch closely and be amazed.

When You See It?

Image Credit | AcidCow

The photobomber seems to be more excited than the kid who just received a present. But perhaps that is the norm for a successful photobomb.

Who is happier?

Image Credit | Membase

A very rare vintage photobomb. Moreover, the photobomb has been successfully pulled-off by a kid. Is this history’s first photobomb?

Photobombing in the good old days

Image Credit | MoreFM

The photobomber confidently knows who is more important. Interestingly, so does the camera

The dog ain't importantt

Image Credit | TheFW

The kid may grow up to be a stalker, but the expressions are priceless.

The Stalker

Image Credit | Huffington Post

Photobombing is an art that takes years of practice and patience. Perhaps these kids learned it at a very young age?

Main Image Credit | Dave