Anti-Israel Protesters Target New York City’s Jewish District, The Outcome Is Unexpected [VIDEO]

For the past couple of months, we here at The Inquisitr reported numerous times when supporters of Palestine and the Hamas have taken to assembly to protest Israel and the Jewish state. This includes protests in London when Muslims surrounded the Israeli Embassy, Chicago when thousands took to the streets supporting Hamas, and the United Kingdom when Muslims projected the Palestinian flag on the U.K. Parliament. Apparently, the hatred towards Jews – especially in Europe – stem from the United Nations‘ portrayal of Israel, too.

So when reports came in that anti-Israel, pro-Palestine supporters invaded the Jewish district in New York City, it probably would have been assumed it would have been prominent. However, the protesters did not expect what happened to… well… happen.

According to a live report on site by Danielle Avel and followed up by The Blaze, anti-Israel protesters marched through the streets while stopping traffic in their wake. They were screaming, “Free, free Palestine! Free, free Gaza!” These safe verbal slogans were mixed in with signs of a more terrorist nature. Some read, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be Free!” and “Intifada! Intifada!” For those out of the loop on what these signs mean, they are calling for the genocidal eradication of the Jewish state. In short, they are calling for the slaughtering extermination of 8.06 million men and women, children of all ages – including innocent babies – to cease existing.

The protesters’ chanted their support in the predominantly Jewish Diamond District, but soon their chants for Palestine would be muted by even stronger chants for Israel. Avel claims some Jewish business owners closed their establishments to demonstrate for Israel. As time went by, the pro-Israel group gradually grew in size – and their chants in support of Israel grew louder. It is as if the pro-Israel group were Joshua’s horn, and the anti-Israel group were the walls of Jericho.

Eventually, the pro-Israel group would also shout out “Hamas, terrorists!” and “IDF!”, in support of the third most powerful military in the world, the Israeli Defense Forces.

What did you think of this amazing rally in which pro-Israel supporters bonded together for a cause, on the fly, compared to the pro-Palestine supporters who seemed to have this planned out? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Danielle Avel’s Video On the Protest]