Yellowstone Volcano: Rumors Of Evacuations And Warnings Of Volcanic Eruption Addressed On USGS Website

An article earlier this week about the Yellowstone volcano causing officials to evacuate the area because an eruption happening soon, is being addressed on USGS’ website.

According to a report on Civic Tribune titled Yellowstone Evacuated: Experts Claim ‘Super Volcano’ Could Erupt Within Weeks, the story claims heightened activity in the supervolcano is signaling a huge explosion in the very near future. It wrote that Yellowstone National Park was being “hastily evacuated” due to fears of a super-eruption occurring “sooner than previously expected.”

The report began:

“Researchers on-site claim that the 640,000 year-old super volcano has exhibited a sudden spike of activity which indicates that it could erupt in as little as two weeks. The explosion caused by the volcano would very well throw all of United States into a 200 year long volcanic winter, with ash blotting out the sun, and pyroclastic flow irreparably damaging the surrounding ecosystem.”

The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory set the record straight August 8 about these rumors on the USGS site. No such evacuation orders were sent out and volcanic activity remains at its normal geological level.

YVO says:

“… geological activity, including earthquakes and ground uplift/subsidence is well within historical norms and seismicity is actually a bit low at present.”

The observatory explains that only one side road this summer had to be closed a few days for repair. Thermal activity as well as harsh winter conditions damaged sections of the road that required work be done on it.

No evacuations have been out. As YVO emphasizes, if webcams show people around Old Faithful and news reports of a hobbyist’s remote controlled helicopter crash into the hot springs this week, then there’s no reason to think evacuations were ordered.

Here’s what the observatory informs everyone, putting any fears about the Yellowstone volcano to rest for now:

“No volcanologists have stated that Yellowstone is likely to erupt this week, this month or this year. In one recent article, a name was attributed to a ‘senior volcanologist,’ but that person does not appear to exist, and a geologist with that name assures us that he did not supply any quotes regarding Yellowstone.”

The “senior volcanologist” named in Civic Tribune’s report is Richard Dunn.

In case anyone questions what these experts are clearing up when it comes to rumors, YVO cite themselves as authorities on the subject of the supervolcano:

“We’re the ones who mapped the deposits, figured out the ages of the eruptions, measured the gases, located the earthquakes, and tracked the ground movement. A few of us have been doing it for over forty years. We will continue to help you understand what’s happening at Yellowstone now, and what’s likely to happen in the future.”

Some will find this report from the USGS website reassuring. The Yellowstone volcano isn’t predicted by this group of scientists to erupt anytime soon.

[Image via Xander Nieuws]