Michelle Le Murder Suspect Begins Having Contractions, Rushed To Hospital

Giselle Esteban, the suspected murderer of Michelle Le was formerly charged with murder on Thursday morning but missed her 2 p.m. arraignment for medical reasons.

Esteban was rushed to a nearby hospital after what sources said appeared to be contractions. Esteban is believed to be seven months pregnant although Hayward police are not offering comments about any medical related conditions at this time.

The medical emergency doesn’t appear to be serious as Giselle’s arraignment is now scheduled for 2 p.m. on September 9.

Esteban has always been a person of interest in the disappearance of Le, 26, a nurse student who was last seen at the Kaiser Hayward on May 27.

In an interview with KGO Esteban said she “openly hates Michelle” because she stole her boyfriend after the two had been friends together for a long period of time, both attending Mt. Carmel High before they moved on to Hayward.

Adding suspicion to circumstances, Esteban’s own ex-boyfriend filed a restraining order for himself and their daughter just three days before Le disappeared. According to court documents he filed the restraining order because his ex-girlfriend had been exhibiting erratic and life threatening behavior.

According to police they have collected surveillance video showing Esteban near Le’s vehicle just before and after it was last seen in the hospital parking lot. Police also say they have evidence that Esteban was in Le’s car and that Le’s and Esteban’s cell phones went in the same general direction towards the Niles Canyon/Sunol area on the night in which Le disappeared.