Little Girl Wishes To Take Father With Cancer To Disneyland ‘Before The Angels Come For Him’

A little 5-year-old girl named Ruby Myles has only one wish. She wants to go with her 42-year-old father to Disneyland before cancer visits a death on the family. This may sound like a story that the Make A Wish foundation would fulfill, but in this case it’s a role reversal because the father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and doctors only gave him weeks to live.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a young 11-year-old cancer patient in China made the decision to donate his organs before he passed away and the doctors in the hospital bowed to him as he went past as a sign of respect for his brave choice.

Damian Myles has been fighting cancer for more than a year and it was just last week that he received the grim prognosis. Little Ruby determined she wanted her dad to go to Disneyland “before the angels come for him,” but unfortunately the family could not afford the cost of the expensive vacation.

So the community of Southport rallied together to chip in toward a fundraiser that would allows Ruby’s wish to be met before her father passed away. Annie McTaggart, who runs The Wellington on Eastbank Street, helped to organize the fundraiser and she even threw a Disney princess party to announce they would be sending the Myles family to Disneyland Paris for a week:

“The day was just so emotional. They are such a lovely family and Damian is one of the nicest men you can meet. He has just constantly been saying ‘why are you helping me, there are others with cancer.’ Ruby had come downstairs one morning and said, ‘Daddy I am taking you to Disneyland before the angels come for you.’ When I gave her the tickets she said, “Does this mean I can take my daddy to Disneyland?’ It was overwhelming.”

Annie says it was amazing how quickly the funds were pulled together, although they knew they needed to move fast since it was uncertain how long Mr. Myles would be well enough to travel. The family is said to have traveled to Paris earlier this week, so Ruby’s last wish for her father is coming true.