Orange Is The New Black’s Creator Provides Insight Into Hit Show

On Monday, the cast of Orange is the New Black, as well as its creator Jenji Kohan, sat down for an insightful interview at the Directors Guild of America with talk show host Chelsea Handler. During the chat the cast revealed memorable moments and their insights about the hit Netflix show. The panel was just one of many pit stops before the cast hits the red carpet at the Emmys later this year. As a whole, the show managed to rake up 12 nominations for the series.

What’s most exciting is Kohan’s comments about the show, especially the upcoming third season. As far as the creative process, Jenji talked a lot about freedom in the writer’s room, which isn’t surprising given the nature of the material.

“We have to have the freedom to be as horrible as we want, and vulnerable. What’s lovely about our group is that you can only fight about story. We’re all a bunch of open wounds and what’s really great is that we all take it out on ourselves in general, so the fights are about the work.”

Kohan continued to talk about the essence of the show. For people who think it’s about a bunch of girls getting down and dirty in a prison, they would be wrong in that assumption.

“It’s not people attacking each other, it’s about the work and what they believe should happen.”

For actress Natasha Lyonne, the highlight of Orange is the New Black is the groundbreaking nature that’s embedded in the storylines for women. Something that she alludes is pretty rare to see as an actress.

“For those of us women who feel like there hasn’t been a space to be heard in that way, all these characters … it’s what’s so extraordinary about this show, it gives voice to so many specific kinds of experiences.”

Of her audition Kate Mulgrew, who plays the lovable chef and mother hen Red shared what she loved about her script, even if she only received two pages of it at the time.

“I got two pages! But I loved those pages. … While I was doing the audition, I felt the kismet. It’s like love, it’s like sex, it just felt so great. But then you made me wait — just like sex.”

For Lea Delaria, who plays the “resident butch” woman Boo, who flaunts her sexuality and grit in most of the episodes, said her audition wasn’t as pleasant as she didn’t get the part of the role she had auditioned for. According to Delaria she was told that she was be kept in mind for another role, but she wasn’t convinced.

“I looked at my manager and I said, ‘If they are making a television show that takes place in a women’s prison and there isn’t a part for me? F–k showbusiness, I quit!”

After that, she had decided to go to London and when she stepped off the plane she saw 12 missed calls informing her that a part had been written just for her.

As for season three of Orange is the New Black Jenji said that it’s about “faith.” That said, we’ll have to wait a bit until we see what that means as it will be up for streaming on Netflix in July of 2015.

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