Couple Boasts ‘Best Pregnancy Announcement Ever’ With Coca-Cola #ShareaCoke Campaign

This couple, the McGilicuddy’s, decided to create a pregnancy announcement using the new Coca-Cola #ShareaCoke campaign. Many are calling the pregnancy announcement the “best pregnancy announcement ever” and it certainly gained the attention of Coca-Cola’s marketing department.

Patrick and Whitney McGillicuddy came up with an idea to use Coca-Cola’s new marketing tactic, cans personalized with individual names on them, to their benefit when they made the above pregnancy announcement video. As they each took turns drinking from cans of Coke with different names on them, their voices and personality changed as well. The Huffington Post points out that some of the most notable voices included, Steve (Carell), Morgan (Freeman), and Arnold (Schwarzenegger).

The couple goes through the cans and then finally their voices chance back to normal. They look at each other and wonder what name they got, they flip the can around and you see the names “Mom” and “Dad” written on the cans. Coca-Cola made the duo “honorary brand ambassadors” and the video has been viewed over 3 million times.

Though it does appear to be a Coca-Cola ad, the birth announcement is viewed by many as a creative and fun way to announce the pregnancy. However, not everyone agrees. Some are calling the ad “irresponsible” and say that a pregnant woman should be staying clear of Diet Coke with all the aspartame. There many comments on the video stating disapproval and some even fear for the unborn child’s health.

However, some users point out that it is just a cute announcement and nowhere in the video do you actually see Whitney drink the Coke, but rather she is acting. What do you think? Is this the “best pregnancy announcement ever,” or irresponsible marketing for a product that may not be safe for pregnant women?