College Begins Drug Testing All Incoming Freshmen

Linn State Technical College, a two year institution in Missouri has taken a drastic step, requiring all incoming Freshmen to undergo a mandatory drug test before they can begin classes.

The college is the first in the country to enact such an intense drug-testing policy and as expected it has drawn the ire of civil libertarians who believe the approach has went to far.

For their part school officials bring up a valid point, students will be drug tested in the real world so why not prepare them for that process before they begin interviewing for positions.

School officials also say the testing is necessary since many of the students involved in the schools technical programs cover areas that include heavy engine repair and nuclear technology.

An attorney from the Missouri Civil Liberties Association told the Associated Press:

“I’ve never heard of any other adult public educational institution that presumes to drug-test all of its students,” while they went on to add, “I don’t think the courts will uphold it.”

Adding insult to the drug testing police Linn State Technical College requires that all students pay for the $50 test out of pocket, something that company’s in the real world do not typically require.

I don’t see the big deal in requiring such a step since all students are involved in the mandatory testing and not just specific demographics within the college. If you were attending the technical college would you be willing to take a drug test or do you find it to be a violation of civil liberties.