Zayn Malik Wedding: Is Taylor Swift Planning To Crash Zayn’s Big Day?

Zayn Malik is planning a big — or possibly small — wedding with Perrie Edwards. While we still don’t know when the event is taking place, we do know when it’s going down.

Despite the lack of a proper date, that isn’t stopping some folks from planning to crash Zayn Malik’s wedding. According to the folks at Cambio, cat aficionado and country music darling Taylor Swift really wants to attend. If her pal Perrie Edwards doesn’t put her on the guest list, she may just show up anyway. Because that’s just how Taylor rolls.

The website explains:

“Taylor is hoping her friend Perrie Edwards invites her to her nuptials to Zayn. Why? Well, one of the reasons is because her ex Harry Styles will definitely be there. Tay doesn’t want to creep on Harry and his date or anything. She apparently wants to make him jealous by flirting with the other guys there.”

Although Swift and Styles have a bit of history together, anonymous sources once kicked around the rumor that Zayn Malik once spurned the country singer’s advances. Once she realized Malik wasn’t interested, she decided to pal around with Harry. One Direction fans are well-versed on how that particular story ended.

An insider once dished:

“When Zayn found out she was interested, he turned her down. That’s when she swooped in on Harry.”

However, the folks over at Sugarscape reported a while ago that this was nothing more than a rumor. Although Swift once dated a member of One Direction, she apparently didn’t attempt to woo Zayn before ending up with Harry.

The website eloquently reported:

“Perrie Edwards doesn’t need to be furiously snapping her Red album in two quite yet and scribbling moustaches onto Taylor posters, as a rep for Swifty has completely denied the story to GossipCop, saying that she only ever had eyes for the lad with the hair that smells of autumn leaves.”

Unfortunately, no one seems to know when Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are going to tie the knot. Since One Direction is going on tour next year, the Little Mix singer seems to think it will happen once everything “dies down.” Since the guys plan to release an album every year going forward, who knows when that will happen.

Of course, being away from Zayn only makes Perrie’s heart grow fonder:

“It makes it a bit more exciting because you don’t get to see each other, so when you do see each other, you get butterflies. It’s nice. It would be hard if we didn’t feel like they were worth it.”

When Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ wedding does happen, there’s a very strong possibility that Taylor Swift will attend — one way or another.

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