Kate Upton Fans Outraged When Iraq Bombing News Cuts Off Sexy Model’s TV Guest Spot [Video]

Legions of Kate Upton fans were outraged and frustrated Friday morning, when a guest appearance by the sexy swimsuit model on Live With Kelly And Michael was interrupted by an ABC News special report announcing that the United States had launched airstrikes against the Islamic terrorist group ISIS in Iraq.

As Kate Upton filled in for the vacationing Kelly Ripa on the upbeat morning chat show, co-host and recent NFL Football Hall of Fame inductee Michael Strahan began describing a pre-show trip by Upton to a nearby Starbucks during which the voluptuous Bobbi Brown Cosmetics pitchwoman wore wearing nothing but a robe and slippers.

Just as the giggling 22-year-old Other Woman star, who has graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue three times, interrupted the clearly excited Strahan to say that she was actually wearing a dress underneath the robe, ABC News cut in with its news flash about the airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Kate Upton and Michael Strahan.
Kate Upton and Michael Strahan.

ISIS, the extremist group that aims to establish a Sunni Islamic state throughout the Middle East, has trapped thousands of members of an ancient religious sect, the Yazidi, in northern Iraq on a mountain where many have already died from heat exposure and lack of water.

Faced with a potential genocide situation, President Barack Obama Thirsday authorized the use of military air power to strike against ISIS and to drop food and essential supplies on the mountain for the trapped and desperate Yazidi.

But to fans of Kate Upton, the renewed use of American military force in Iraq and the plight of the Yazidi took a back seat to their passion for the buxom, young sex symbol.

Fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration. “They just took Kate Upton off my TV to tell me what Obama is doing,” complained one, Thomas Monza.

“WHAT THE F*** YOU DONT INTERUPT KATE UPTON FOR A NEWS SPECIAL REPORT,” wrote Kristiana Bredhoff (in all caps).

Conversations such as this one were also found on Twitter after the Kate Upton cutoff.

Kate Upton Iraq Twitter

Another viewer seemed less upset that he missed Kate Upton than by the surreal nature of the whole episode.

The special report on the United States airstrikes on ISIS positions in Iraq lasted about three minutes before Kate Upton came back on the air. Video of the Kate Upton cutoff can be viewed below.