‘The Walking Dead’: Daryl Dixon Left Off AMC Promo Photo, Is He Getting Killed Off?

The Walking Dead has some of the most passionate and knowledgable fans in television history. Because of this, and the blood-thirsty nature of the show, they are quick to interpret and analyse every bit of new information that they receive in intimate detail.

That’s why it probably wasn’t the best idea to release a photo of the gang that was locked up in the train car at Terminus in the last episode of season four without Daryl Dixon present. You can check out the picture above, which came to The Inquisitr’s attention via Comic Book.

As you can imagine as soon as fans saw the picture and noticed the omission of Norman Reedus’ character, they immediately feared the worst and started to assume that Dixon had been killed off.

But fans can calm themselves, because an earlier photo of the Season 5 cast showed that Daryl sat in front of the gang. If you don’t believe me, you can check it out below:

Of course, the big question now is why wasn’t Daryl present for the second photo? It doesn’t look as though he was eaten by the cannibals of Terminus as the photographer prepared to take another picture. In fact it’s more likely that Reedus simply got a bit tired of sitting on the floor. Or maybe he just really needed to go to the toilet. Or maybe Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the hugely popular post-apocalyptic drama, just has really bad breath. There are a number of possible reasons.

Reedus’ Twitter feed also helped to spark speculation that he might be on the verge of exiting the show. The actor uploaded numerous posts that hinted he had been an emotional wreck during filming. Not only had he been listening to a U2 album, which made him weep, but he also suspiciously thanked the fans for their continued support.

You can check out his intriguing posts below:

Now I know that it’s quite a big leap to go from Norman Reedus was crying while listening to U2 to he has been killed off The Walking Dead, but the fact that his character is so beloved by pretty much everyone who watches the show proves just how integral he is to its success.

And if he was killed off, then we’d all struggle to contain ourselves. Especially since it would leave Carl as the coolest character on the show. And that kid’s a total dweeb-infant psycho.

What would you do if Daryl Dixon was killed off The Walking Dead?