Gun Rights For The Blind: NRA Video Says Blind People Should Carry Guns In Public

Gun rights should extend to the blind, who not only should be permitted to “own any guns they want” but should also be encouraged to carry guns in public. That’s the opinion of Dom Raso, a frequent National Rifle Association commentator who says he is also a former Navy SEAL, as expressed in a new video that was posted by the NRA on its YouTube page earlier this week.

It seems that even the NRA found that view a bit much, as the video was quickly removed from the NRA YouTube channel, but it was noticed and captured for posterity by a number of people and organizations, including the group “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” which posted the video on its own page. You can see the Dom Raso “gun rights for the blind” video, above.

How actual blind people themselves feel about being able to shoot guns is an open question, but in an interview with CNN last year, musician Stevie Wonder, who has been blind since birth, mocked the idea that he should own a gun.

“I was talking to one of my friends, and I said, you know, you should go get me a gun, let me go with you to get a gun, and then I can show how easy it is for me to get a gun,” the legendary musician, who is arguably the world’s most famous blind person, said in the interview. “Then imagine me with a gun. It’s just crazy. I think we have to do something about it.”

Dom Raso also thinks we should do something about it. And that something is give more guns to blind people. Raso says that the fact that blind people can’t see what they’re shooting at doesn’t matter, because their other senses give them “increased awareness.”

Raso says that if you disagree with him about gun rights for the blind “you haven’t thought it all the way through,” and “you don’t take your rights seriously enough.”

“The biggest concern I hear is having blind people carrying in public. Are you envisioning the person waving the gun around or pointing it at anybody for no reason?” Raso says in the video. “Do you think because they’re blind, they’re going to start shooting in every direction and kill everyone? Fact is, it’s been proven that people that lack vision have an increased awareness of their hearing and spatial surroundings.”

This isn’t the first time Dom Raso has made news with his views on gun rights. After the mass shooting earlier this year in Isla Vista, California, Raso made another NRA video saying the shootings should not be called “shootings.” In fact, Raso says that referring to any shooting as a “shooting” is a “trick” perpetrated by “the media” to get “attention.”

After watching the Dom Raso video, what do you think? Should being able to see affect whether or not you have full rights when it comes to owning and firing a gun?