Ed Sheeran News: #1 Album & Taylor Swift Drama

British singer Ed Sheeran is on everyone’s minds these days. The “I’m a Mess” singer has a hit album, X, and has been seen out and about with a wide variety of female pop stars including Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Ellie Goulding.

The very pale, redheaded, and heavily tattooed Sheeran doesn’t sport a traditional look. Nevertheless, British magazine Heat went as far as calling Sheeran “a flame-haired Casanova.”

But Sheeran appears to be cooling his jets and settling down with a lovely girl named Athina Andrelos, much to the chagrin of rumored flame and fellow musician Taylor Swift. Just who is Andrelos and why would the statuesque Swift be this worried about another women?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Andrelos currently works for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s company Jamie Oliver Ltd. as a Food Team Production Assistant. The brunette beauty has been entrenched in her new gig for the past five months and met Sheeran around the same time. And like her new beau, Andrelos has a background in the music biz. Athina also graduated from the University of London.

That being said, Athina is the whole package — brains and beauty — and Taylor Swift is justifiably worried about Athina’s impressive credentials.

Furthermore, a Yahoo News source claims that T. Swift is miffed at Sheeran. Apparently, Ed hasn’t been giving her his full and undivided attention due to his relationship with Andrelos.

“She can’t stand the fact that he’s fallen for someone — Ed’s been like her boyfriend substitute for the past 18 months, and suddenly he’s not available for any more.

But that’s not all.

“She [Taylor] has met Athina and, at first, she was OK about it. But now that Ed and Athina are getting more serious, she’s turned into a green-eyed monster. Ed was always available 24/7, so if Taylor wanted to call him at 3am, it wasn’t a problem, but suddenly it’s awkward.”

All this despite never having officially dating.

Thus, Ed Sheeran has even gone as far as confronting Taylor about her obsession with him, but she is unrelenting in her pursuit.

“Ed had a few quiet words with Taylor. It’s difficult because he thinks the world of her and doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the friendship but some days Taylor texts him 20 times a day.”

Sheeran isn’t the only one dealing with Taylor Swift. Classicalite reports that Taylor is trying to set up Gomez with some guys in an effort to make her forget about bad boy musician Justin Bieber.

In the midst of all kinds of drama, Ed Sheeran has managed to come out unscathed. Sheeran also hasn’t lost his funny bone.

Remember that adorable 5-year-old boy who said “apparently” this and “apparently” that? Ed Sheeran joked that he’s the lads father! And you know what, they do share a passing resemblance. Though at 23-years-old, Sheeran would’ve had to get jiggy with it at the youngish age of 18.

But back to the real life stuff happening in Sheeran’s life right now. It’s crazy. His June 2014 release X (also known as Multiply) is still the number one album in the U.K. In fact, he “toppled” eponymous guitar playing legend Eric Clapton on his way to a seventh straight week at pole position.

Seriously, Sheeran’s like a jukebox. You never know what hit song he’s going to pull out of his creative head next.

We only hope that Sheeran’s musical sensibilities don’t take a hit with all the female attention he is receiving.

[Photo Courtesy of Page to Premiere]