Rolex Robbery: Dude In Wheelchair ‘Miraculously Cured’ [Surveillance Video]

Who knew that a Rolex watch contained healing properties?

Case in point: A wheelchair-bound customer took off running with a $25,000 Rolex from a Stamford, Connecticut, jewelry store according to local police.

The incident, which occurred at the Stamford Town Center mall on Saturday afternoon, was caught on the store’s surveillance camera; see the footage released by police embedded below.

In this incident, the suspect was trying on watches with the help of two employees when he suddenly regained the ability to walk/run and grabbed the expensive timepiece.

“Stamford police Capt. Richard Conklin said the thief asked a store employee to see a Rolex watch, and then he leapt out of the wheelchair, pepper-sprayed the employee and then sprayed a security guard who rushed over to catch the man. Conklin said the man knocked the security guard down and ran up to the mall’s seventh floor parking garage, where an accomplice is believed to have been waiting with a car,” the Stamford Advocate reported.

Both the employee and the security guard received treatment at a local hospital.

Conklin added that the wheelchair scam was something new for jewelry store thieves. “We haven’t seen it in this form before. There was some thought put into this.” He also noted that “I think these two things, being well dressed and being in the wheelchair, took the concern level down quite a bit.”

Police also believe that the faux disabled person who ran off with the Rolex was equipped with a wireless headset device to enable his accomplice to hear what was going on in the store.

The suspect and his accomplice or accomplices are still at large, and police are hopeful that the video will lead to tips that will identify the suspect.

The bling bandit abandoned the wheelchair, and his Fedora, as he fled on foot with the Rolex. Cops are dusting the wheelchair (and presumably the hat) for fingerprints.

Watch the surveillance video of the Rolex wheelchair ruse: