Cory Johnson Blames Weight Fluctuation On Pooping

Conducting an interview with the media can be nerve-racking, and occasionally causes even the most seasoned interviewee to fumble on his or her words from time to time. Sports figures seem to be especially prone to interview follies. In the case of Cory Johnson, defensive tackle for the Kentucky Wildcats, a little too much information has provided him with his 15 minutes of fame when the topic of a recent interview turned to talk of poop.

Cory Johnson’s weight has been a topic of discussion as he fluctuates from between 300 pounds to as low as 280 pounds from week to week. His position as defensive tackle can benefit from the amount of weight behind his mass, but the drastic fluctuation can be cause for concern for Cory Johnson’s health. When asked about his weight fluctuation, by Lex18 News in Lexington, Kentucky, Cory Johnson gave a surprising response.

“I’ll be 290 [lbs], the next day I’ll be 300, next day I’ll 280. I guess it’s cause I poop so much. I try to poop, like, five times a day.”

The response quickly became the talk of the internet as its broadcast made the national media, including The Bob and Tom Show, where they played the clip constantly during their morning show. It is not known whether the attention he is receiving from the comment will coerce him to be observed by the powers that be at the NFL, or if his 15 minutes will fade into obscurity.

Despite the hilarity of the interview, there is concern about the drastic fluctuation of Cory Johnson’s health in relation to the weight loss and gain. feels that Cory Johnson should seek medical advice regarding his weight loss instead of assuming it is due to his constant pooping.

“[E]mptying your bowels doesn’t count as true weight loss. Although regular bowel movements are part of your overall health, losing weight depends on your caloric intake and expenditure.”

Although his eating habits, and the resulting poop, might play a role in Cory Johnson’s drastic weight fluctuations, his workout routine may also be a large factor as well. Practicing for the upcoming football season is bound to take a toll on the player, especially if he has not maintained his eating habits during the off season. It would be interesting to see how his weight fluctuates throughout the week by weighing him after each poop occurs.

[Photo Courtesy: 247 Sports]