Keisha Williams Carjacking: Keisha Dies 2 Weeks After Her 3 Children Were Killed In Carjacking Crash

Keisha Williams, the mom whose kids died in a carjacking, has died. According to Reuters, Keisha Williams lost her three children two weeks ago when Jonathan Rosa, 19, and Cornelius Crawford, 23, carjacked a Toyota SUV at gunpoint. The SUV ended up blowing a tire and jumping a curb where Williams was standing with her children, Joseph Thomas Reed, 10, Keiearra Williams, 15, and Terrence Moore, 7. All three children died, one at the scene and the other two at the hospital. Keisha was also injured in the crash, but the severity of her injuries was not clear at the time.

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Since the accident, Williams has been in Temple University Hospital, fighting for her life. Just before 10 pm on Thursday, Williams succumbed to her injuries.

Keisha Williams died after the carjacking which landed the two men mentioned above behind bars. Both Rosa and Crawford have been charged in the murders of the three children, and if they are convicted, both face life sentences — and beyond. Prosecutors say that they are seeking the maximum penalty for both men. Since Keisha Williams passed away, additional charges are expected in the case, according to NBC Philadelphia.

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“Rosa and Crawford already faced 15 charges each including three counts of 2nd Degree Murder, Carjacking, Kidnapping and Involuntary Deviant Sexual Assault for the July 25 incident. Should the two men be found guilty of the accused crimes at the maximum sentencing, they face four consecutive life terms in prison plus at least another 89 years.”

Keisha Williams’ death following the carjacking is heartbreaking, but many people realize that it would have been so hard for her to continue life without her babies. She suffered an unthinkable tragedy that would have haunted her for the rest of her life. It is unclear exactly what she died from, but her family and friends may find comfort in knowing that she is with her three children. Obviously something like this is hard to predict or avoid. The accident really had nothing to do with the crime, which made these deaths completely random: A freak accident to say the very least.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the scene of the accident was very chaotic. Another woman — a 65-year-old grandmother — was also injured in the crash. An update on her condition was not given.

Needless to say, many hope that Rosa and Crawford pay the ultimate price in this case.

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