Camilla Thurlow: Prince Harry’s Beauty Queen Girlfriend Spends The Night At Kensington Palace

Camilla Thurlow and Prince Harry aren’t wasting any time in moving forward their relationship.

Just weeks after the royal ended his long-term romance with Cressida Bonas, he was spotted inviting the 25-year-old Thurlow over for the night at Kensington Palace. A source said the two have been talking for some time, and have already been spotted locking lips in public.

They had been spotted together in July, where they shared a meal at a Mexican restaurant, where they also engaged in some PDA.

The relationship has reportedly evolved from there.

“They’ve been texting ever since and she has been over for drinks at his apartment twice — once with friends and once on her own,” a source told Grazia.

The couple first met through The Halo Trust, which was a charity set up by Prince Harry’s mother Princess Diana. Thurlow, who was once named Miss Edinburgh, works for the organization, which has a mission to eliminate land mines.

But Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow have another important interest in common — partying.

“Camilla is always the life and soul of the party. Harry is playing it cool because he wants to have fun, but Camilla could be just what he needs to get over Cressida once and for all,” the Grazia source added.

That appears to be an important quality, as Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas clashed often about his partying ways. She dumped him briefly after his naked and drunken shananagans in Las Vegas in 2012, but they ultimately ended up together.

“Harry thought she was boring toward the end,” a source told E! News after Harry and Cressida split. “She didn’t like to go out, party and have fun as often as he does, and they weren’t matched enough for him to commit. Cress is beautiful, intelligent and fun — but she’s no raver like Harry still enjoys. Harry just wasn’t ready to settle down and head down the route of getting serious with his royal commitments. It’s going to take a special girl to tame him.”

But some are worried that Camilla Thurlow might be a bad influence on Prince Harry. Sources say that some members of the royal family, including sister-in-law Kate Middleton, have expressed worry about Harry’s drinking and even suggested he go to rehab.