Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Are Committed Foodies

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis must be counting down the days until their little bundle of joy arrives. Until then, the engaged couple are really going all out as expert foodies. Whether it’s Mila Kunis’ cravings or just enjoying a few date nights before their baby is born, the couple are certainly dedicated to each other.

Before they were expecting, the pair used to jet set all over the world. Now that they have to stick close to their home base, their interest seems to be in restaurant hopping.

Yesterday, Kunis and Kutcher were spotted out and about in Studio City getting some Greek food at Darbinz Kebab. As pictured over at the Daily Mail, the couple were very affectionate with each other, sharing sweet embraces in casual gear.

Earlier in the week, Mila Kunis was captured going solo as she enjoyed some snacks at a local store. The pair weren’t just in the mood for some Greek food. According to E! News, Ashton and Mila spent their time earlier in the week munching on some savory Korean food at the restaurant Pot in Koreatown. While we aren’t sure what they had, some choice plates at Pot are said to have been beer braised pork belly, beer tartare, and grilled squid.

Last Friday, the pair had an adventurous meal at Barton G. in Los Angeles. According to People Magazine, Kutcher and Kunis had a meal that was simply wall-to-wall in outrageous foods.

Dining with a couple of close friends, the happy couple ate pop tart-like pastries “stuffed with Maine lobster, gruyere cheese and Pernod mornay sauce.” Additionally, everyone enjoyed a Jidori chicken, which is a “free-range bird” known for being roasted 24 hours after it’s been killed.

The most exciting part of Friday’s menu in our opinion is the s’mores pizza topped with crust that’s made of marshmallow. Luckily for fellow foodies out there, People Magazine posted the full recipe for anyone that wants to try to make Kunis and Kutcher’s savory dessert dish.

When the couple isn’t enjoying several culinary experiences, they are keeping plenty busy. Recently, Ashton Kutcher’s A-grade investment company tossed a few million into the Casper sleep company.

According to Casper sleep’s website, the company deals with providing consumers great quality mattresses for a better night’s sleep. The site boasts that their free delivery service provides mattresses that contours to the body and adds some bounce as well.

As for Kunis the actress just finished up her rounds of press for her film Third Person.

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