What Happens When You Put Two Rescue Pit Bulls In A Photo Booth, Something Beautiful [Photos]

Lynn Terry Photography has been taking photos of dogs in a photobooth since her first photo of two pit bulls went viral. She has had so much success with the intriguing photos that she is actually making the series into a published book called Tails from the Booth.

The interesting thing about the project is that the photos capture the private moments the dogs are having in the photobooth together. Lynn is on the outside of the booth so the dogs cannot see her. This makes the photo session intimate, and the resulting photos are amazing. Watching the dogs get to know each other and the faces they make are priceless.

This picture is so perfect it's been shared tens of thousands of times on social media in the last few days.

The photo above has been shared tens of thousands of times across social media platforms. The heartwarming photo is of two rescue Pits saved from dog fighting rings. With such a hard start in life, it is amazing to see such love displayed on camera. The owner of the two rescue dogs, Kelly Garrison, told The Huffington Post that Bumper (the licker in the photo) is a pit bull who “came from a not-so-great area of St. Louis.” Garrison said a “gentleman tried to fight her. She wouldn’t engage.” A little boy “lured her away” and got the dog to Mutts n Stuff, a local pit bull rescue.

Garrison and her husband Jason had had Bumper about one-and-a-half years, she says, when they felt ready to take in a foster dog. They were matched with another pit bull, then 6 months old, who had been part of of a 500-dog fighting ring that was raided in the summer of 2009.

“The largest pit bull fighting bust in U.S. history,” says Garrison.

Willis’ mother was pregnant at the time of the bust; Willis (the one being licked) himself was “born about two weeks after the rescue.”

Check out some of the other photos Lynn Terry has shared on her Facebook page below.

"I feel the need to do a big shout out to the original photo I did a few years ago that inspired all the photobooth shots I have done since then. I knew when this went viral, I had something special. Thank you for all the new supporters. I love the bullies!"-Lynn Terry
This is quite the trio. The last shot is priceless.
I love the bottom left shot. Look at those sweet eyes gazing at one another.
These two Pit Bulls are showing some love to one another in their private photobooth session.

Unfortunately, not all rescue groups are created equal. One Rottweiler rescue is being charged with animal cruelty following the death and poor physical health of the dogs in its care.

What do you think of the photobooth project? Do these photos of rescue Pit Bulls give you more hope for dogs that come from such awful beginnings?