Kate Upton Talks Posing Nude: Will She Or Won’t She?

Kate Upton finally answered a question millions of men want to know the answer to: Will she ever pose nude?

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl recently chatted to Details magazine about her modeling career, and she was asked about the possibility of doing a nude photo shoot. Many famous models have stripped down for high fashion photos — Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell are just a few of the big names willing to show off their bodies in the name of art and fashion. However, Kate Upton fears her nude photos would be looked at differently:

“For me those photos are art. Your body is art, your body is beautiful, and to be photographed in that way is amazing and it’s received in a very positive way. But with social media and the Internet and not so great blogs and the attention like that, I don’t think that my pictures would be received in the way that I’d want them to be received. That’s why I’ve stayed away from them.”

In other words, Kate Upton doesn’t think people would view her nude photos as art — she’d just be looked as a sex object.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the internet completely freaked out over a video of Kate Upton posing topless on a horse. You probably have no idea why she was half-naked on that horse, right? This is why Upton sees posing naked as a pointless endeavor. Her nude photos would just become a trending topic on Twitter and end up saved in secret folders on computers all over the world.

However, Kate says that she doesn’t have anything against other models who have posed nude in the past — she’s just not going to pull a Cindy Crawford by doing Playboy.

Speaking of Cindy Crawford, her recent words about posing nude for photo shoots might make Kate Upton feel pretty good about her own decision not to strip down. According to Cindy, she regrets getting naked in front of the camera when she was younger. Here’s what Crawford told The Huffington Post about her feelings about posing nude:

“I’ve done a lot of nude pictures that I haven’t regretted. The ones I have regretted were the ones I knew something didn’t feel right about the situation and I did it anyway. Only you know what’s right for you.”

Upton isn’t just trying to stay away from posing nude — The Other Woman star might be working toward posing as little as possible. From the sounds of it, she’s more interested in pursuing a movie career than landing advertising campaigns for high fashion clothing brands:

“Well, you’d be surprised how many offers I actually do get in fashion campaigns, but I unfortunately have to say no because my career is moving at such a rapid pace. I want to hit all the top things. I want Italian Vogue with Steven Meisel, but I can’t do all of the other things because I also want to shoot a movie.”

Maybe now the question everyone should be asking Kate Upton is if she’d be willing to do a nude scene in a movie. What do you think: Should Kate do less modeling and more acting?

[Image credit: Bing]