Jerry Jones Racy Pics: Women In Pics Lawyer Up, Claim To Be Victims, Also

The Jerry Jones suggestive photos saga has taken an unfamiliar turn. The ladies in the photos have stepped out a little farther.

The two ladies in the photos, Lindzie (the young blond woman) and Jordan (the young brunette woman) have come forward to proclaim their innocence of any blackmail schemes and that they are victims, too. A timeline has also been established that helps to clarify when these pictures were indeed taken.

TMZ is reporting the young ladies have stepped forward to give their side of the story. The ladies state the pictures were taken at least five years ago, but don’t remember much else because “there was a lot of alcohol involved.”

The pictures were originally tweeted by Frank Hoover, who claims they were to be used in an extortion plot against Jones. Hoover also wrote a 20-page letter entitled “Sins of Jerry Jones” and sent it to Jones explaining that Hoover’s discovery and subsequent withholding of the pictures was to protect Jones from any wrongdoing. At that time, Hoover was working with Kevion Hickman (aka 24K) on a charity event that eventually never materialized. Soon, Hoover learned of the blackmail plot and found the pictures. Hoover then took the pictures to further protect Jones from the blackmail scheme. In the 20-page letter, Hoover proclaims himself the “son of God” and protecting Jones from any extortion plot in an effort to meet Jones. This meeting has yet to occur.

Both women vehemently deny any knowledge of any extortion plot, and state the pictures were surreptitiously taken by a female friend.

Even though it looks like all parties are posing, the women insist they and Jones had no knowledge of the pictures were being taken. The women continue, if Jones had known, he would have had one of his bodyguards confiscate the camera. They then claim they did not want photos released to the public. To that end, both women have retained a lawyer to see what legal avenues they have to remove the photos from the internet. They’ve also been trying to contact the female friend who took the pictures. The girls claim their female friend has gone “radio silent.”

Lindzie is currently employed as a stripper at Centerfolds in Houston… while Jordan’s employed as a stripper at Cabaret in Ft. Worth — and both say they’re also concerned Jones might try to take legal action against them.

Jones has not released any statement concerning this issue, nor has the NFL.