Harry Styles Fanfiction Writer Faces Twitter Backlash After Releasing New Free Story

A popular Harry Styles fanfiction is failing to wow some One Direction fans.

The fanfiction in question is After, the work of a 25-year-old Texas woman named Anna Todd. Her erotic story is about the relationship between a womanizing college student named Harry Styles and a sexually inexperienced female student named Tessa Young. The story has amassed over 900 million reads on the Wattpad platform, and it’s garnering comparisons to another popular fanfiction, E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Harry Styles in After isn’t the greatest guy. He starts pursuing Tessa simply because he wants to take her virginity and win a bet he made with a group of guys (the group includes characters named Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson). Of course, Harry starts to fall for the girl, but he makes her life miserable by being emotionally abusive and continuing to mess around with other girls. Anna Todd’s Harry Styles is also an angry, jealous guy who constantly gets in fights. But don’t worry — much like Christian Grey, he has an excuse for his atrocious behavior.

Tessa might forgive the fictional Harry Styles for being a jerk, but some One Direction fans can’t stand Ann Todd’s version of their beloved Hazza. According to Sugarscape, these upset Directioners recently managed to get the hashtag #SuspendAnnaTodd trending on Twitter. This Twitter backlash was likely in response to Anna Todd sharing the news that she recently finished the first chapter of Before, a prequel to After.

It’s up!! The first chapter of #Before is up!! http://t.co/xv4oXrEWoC pic.twitter.com/4PzJel69YF

— Anna Todd (@imaginator1dx) August 6, 2014

As The Inquisitr previously reported, After and its sequels were such a huge success on Wattpad that they’re being released in book form. A movie based on the fanfiction is also in the works. One Direction fans are worried that the movie and books will tarnish Harry Styles’ image. They seem to believe that the real Harry will be painted as an abusive womanizer like the fictional After character.

Some of the upset Directioners calling for Anna Todd to get suspended from Twitter even admit to enjoying After.

after has a good story but it will make harry look bad i wish anna has thought of that. #SuspendAnnaTodd

— laters, bae (@narrysohigh) August 8, 2014

Others are worried that the sexual content of the fanfiction is inappropriate for One Direction’s young fan base.

There are also tweets criticizing Todd’s story.


According to Page to Premiere, Anna Todd had to change Harry Styles’ name for the trio of After books and potential movies, and she also altered the monikers of the other characters based on members of One Direction. Harry will be Hardin; Liam will be Landon; Louis will be Logan; Zayn will be Zed; and Niall will be Nate. However, this change still doesn’t satisfy some fans.

According to USA Today, After will traditionally release through Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books on November 25.

Do you think Harry Styles fans are overreacting to Anna Todd’s fanfiction?

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