Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Ready To Take Relationship To Next Level

Are Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara ready to have a baby already?

Just one month into their high profile hook-up, Life & Style magazine is reporting that Sofia is planning to unfreeze her eggs in order to have a baby with Joe.

“She’s always longed to have at least one more baby,” their insider confirmed. “With her ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, it was never the right time. But she’s already mentioned the idea to Joe.”

And is Joe on board with the idea? According to their insider, the answer is yes!

“The two of them are already chatting about how gorgeous a baby would be, having her as a mom and him as a dad! Sofia and Joe are moving forward with the relationship at lightning speed. I’ve never seen Sofía so happy and in love.”

Sofia Vergara reportedly froze her eggs following her split with fiance Nick Loeb, laying the ground work for her to be able to have a second child if and when the time was right. According to Closer Magazine, having another child is one of the most important goals in Vergara’s life:

“Sofia already took fertility injections and had her eggs frozen in preparation. When Manolo [her first child] was born, she was too young and scared to relax and enjoy being a mom. Now she’s mature and successful enough to really appreciate the experience.”

And now the person she might share that experience with is Joe Manganiello, who began dating Vergara immediately following Sofia’s break-up with Loeb in July. Manganiello and Vergara met at the White House Correspondents Dinner in early July. They even took their relationship public shortly after.

And while the notion of Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara having children together after less than one month of dating may seem farfetched, according to Radar Online, the idea makes perfect sense considering what a positive influence Joe Manganiello has been on Sofia:

“Joe has been a really good influence on her,” the source continues. “He is teaching her that she can have just as much fun without drinking and has gotten her into fitness and health. They even workout together.”

That new found sobriety may have been put to the test yesterday in Los Angeles, as Sofia shocked onlookers with “disheveled hair, smudged lipstick and tatty clothes” according to the Daily Mail. But fear not, Vergara was merely shooting scenes from an upcoming episode of Modern Family.

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