WWE News: Bray Wyatt Will Become One Of WWE’s Most Memorable Characters, Triple H Says

The WWE future appears to be bright for Bray Wyatt.

Once known as Husky Harris, Wyatt was plucked from the Florida Championship Wrestling Leaguing in 2009 and designated for the NXT developmental circuit. He later moved to the WWE to become the leader of the Wyatt family.

As a third generation wrestler — his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, father Mike Rotunda, and uncles Kendall and Barry Windham were all pro wrestlers — Bray now appears to be taking one a bigger stature within the WWE, and has the endorsement of top execs.

Triple H recently spoke about Bray Wyatt, praising how he made the most of his time in NXT.

“He wasn’t quite connecting with the crowd. Decent hand. Talented kid. Right person. They were going to let him go and I said, ‘Let me take him and do something with him.’ We moved that character to NXT. We put some other people around him that fit the package. Moved him back onto Raw and Smackdown, and he’s one of our most popular superstars Bray Wyatt.”

Triple H also had a bold prediction for Bray’s future.

“I’ll go out on a limb and say in 10 years Bray Wyatt will be one of the most memorable characters in WWE,” he said.

But some believe the WWE is still struggling with how to best utilize Bray Wyatt. The blog Cageside Seats noted that Bray’s once-bright future after returning from NXT appeared to fall flat.

The outlet noted:

Now if you told me then that Chris Jericho was going to take on Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam, I’d be absolutely giddy. Like a McMahon with a chance to throw shade at WCW. I still felt this way at the end of June when Jericho surprised us with his presence and was immediately attacked by the Wyatts. After all, what could go wrong?

Apparently, a lot. Namely that WWE still hasn’t figured out how to handle a presence like Bray Wyatt and is letting history repeat itself despite making this exact same mistake just a few months ago.

But with the endorsement of Triple H and an opportunity to take on a bigger stature with the retirement of CM Punk, it appears the WWE future is wide open for Bray Wyatt.