WWE Rumors: Hulk Hogan Vs. Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania 31?

Hulk Hogan has found himself in WWE news a lot over the last year, which is kind of a relief after the horrible reality show and even-worse divorce.

We’re finally getting to see the Hulkster go back to his roots, and there’s not a better time for it, as you have to think his days for being able to perform are numbered.

While the latest buzz is that Hogan wants a match with John Cena at WrestleMania 31, an even more intriguing possibility is making its way around the rumor mill.

Daily Wrestling News reports that Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar will both be in attendance at next week’s Raw — the final show before SummerSlam.

If you know your wrestling, then you know that the Beast Incarnate gave Hulkamania one of its rare unanswered defeats in the buildup to SummerSlam 2002.

After interference from Paul Heyman, Brock got the jump on Hogan and left him bloodied and broken in the middle of the ring. Lesnar would go on to capture the World Heavyweight Championship, and Hogan never redeemed himself.

With both men in the same building and 12 years having passed, it’s fully expected the two will work an angle together, though it’s likely the Hulkster and Brock won’t tie up so close to Lesnar’s match with John Cena.

However, this does bring up the interesting possibility of a Hulk Hogan vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania 31.

Frankly, this would make a heck of a lot more sense than Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena. After all, Hogan’s already “passed the torch” at WrestleMania once against The Rock.

With several years having passed, it’s impossible that Hogan and Cena would be able to match that moment for audience enthusiasm.

A Hogan-Lesnar match on the other hand has intriguing possibilities. It would keep both men relevant for the next few months and instill a genuine fear for Hogan’s safety considering the way their last encounter went.

Plus, the two work pretty well together.

Hogan looked better in his match against Lesnar 12 years ago than he ever looked in his career.

Of course, his condition has deteriorated considerably since then, and his ring mechanics were never the best to begin with, but I’d be willing to bet Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar would be a more interesting matchup than having Hogan go up against another face like Cena.

What do you think, readers? Does Hulk Hogan have one more match left in him, and if so, should it be against John Cena or Brock Lesnar?