Teen Cop Parents Rot: 18-Year-Old Hopes Parents ‘Rot In Prison’ After Killing Her Boyfriend

A teen who’s cop parents killed her boyfriend wants them to rot in prison. According to The New York Daily News, 18-year-old Lisa Kepler turned her parents — both police officers — in after her dad shot and killed her boyfriend and shot at her as she hid in bushes nearby. Lisa’s parents, Shannon and Gina Kepler, were arrested on Tuesday night. Both have worked for the Tulsa Police Department for the past 24 years.

Kepler had been living with her boyfriend, 19-year-old Jeremy Lake, since her parents kicked her out of their home. The shooting happened earlier this week when Lisa and Jeremy were walking near Jeremy’s home. Lisa said a black SUV pulled up in front of them. Her dad got out of the vehicle and started yelling at her. Lisa says that she turned and walked away from her dad (her mother was sitting in the car), but Jeremy decided to approach her dad just to introduce himself. And that’s when things went terribly wrong.

The teen’s cop parents will likely rot in prison, which is what she wants. Lisa witnessed her dad shoot and kill her beau right in front of her… and then, her dad started shooting at her. After firing off several shots, 54-year-old Shannon Kepler got back into the SUV and sped away.

“Shannon is accused of first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill. Mom Gina Kepler, 48, is accused of being an accessory to murder.”

According to The Stir, Lisa was adopted by the Keplers when she was 6-years-old. Over the past few months, things between Lisa and her parents were strained. Lisa was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, which prohibited her from forming a strong attachment with her adoptive parents. Recently, the Keplers dropped Lisa off at a homeless shelter. Lisa says that she met Jeremy at the shelter and he offered for her to live with him.

It’s hard to imagine the pain and hurt that Lisa must be going through, and it’s clear to see why she is hoping that her adoptive parents spend the rest of their lives behind bars. A heartbroken Lisa Kepler told reporters how she really feels about the situation.

“I really hope they rot in prison for a very long time.”

Another shooting story made headlines today. According to The Inquisitr, a man killed his wife in Pennsylvania as his sons watched. The man took his sons and tried to escape but police caught up to him. Before they could approach his vehicle, however, the man shot and killed himself. Thankfully, his two young sons were not harmed.

[Photo courtesy of The New York Daily News]