This Credit Card Receipt For A Pizza Will Melt Your Heart

A credit card receipt for a pizza is going to melt your heart.

According to The Today Show, a young man and his father made a trip to a local Domino’s Pizza and made quite the impression when the son paid for the meal with his father’s credit card and then signed the receipt in the sweetest way:

“”He smiled and said to me, ‘I’m here to pick up an order for Thomas Jefferson!’ Cowart recalled. ‘Coincidentally, I had been his cashier a few days prior, too, and remembered him because before he had ordered under Abraham Lincoln.’

“Cowart says she smiled and told the little boy his total, and he pulled a credit card out of his shorts and swiped it.

“When it came time for the receipts to print, she handed over two copies, one for him to sign, and one for the store to keep. After getting a nod from his dad, he proceeded to sign it — and that’s when some serious cuteness ensued.

“‘The boy turned, took the pen, and signed “dad” as clear as day, and proud as ever,’ she said. ‘He then took his pizzas, and said, “Have a nice day ma’am,” and walked out.'”

That is seriously sweet. But one commenter on Reddit noted something missing from the receipt… a tip.

But Reddit user Mumbolian made the point that since it was pickup and not delivery, was a tip really necessary?

“You tip for takeaway pizza? America’s tipping culture is kinda strange.

“I fully empathise with the argument that the staff are underpaid, but that’s the employer’s fault. It’s not the customers responsibility to ensure a fair wage.

“In Europe, we tip for good service, not because we have to. I always leave something after dinner, but I only tip a lunch if someone has actually been genuinely nice. Generally we tip 10-15% in Europe and I think America is 20%?

“Just seems strange. I feel like a waiter should earn their tip for being friendly and helpful, not because of social stigma. Maybe I’m wrong on that though.”

At least this is one of the uplifting stories involving a credit card receipt versus some of the stories that have focused on hateful notes left on credit card receipts. One that drew a lot of attention turned out to be a hoax.

Thankfully this child’s sweetness is no joke. It is entirely real.

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