Hamas Using Christian Church To Launch Rockets At Israel, Bishop Claims

Hamas has been accused of using mosques and schools to launch rocket attacks against Israel, and now the most prominent Christian leader in Gaza said the organization has also taken over a church compound to serve as a launching point.

Archbishop Alexios said he opened his church to more than 2,000 Muslims escaping the war with Israel. He said Hamas leaders took over an area near his church, near an area where Israelis had attacked.

“Islam is the rule of this place and whatever Hamas says we must obey or face consequences,” Alexios told CBN News.

But amid the fighting between Hamas and Israel, Alexios said he is not taking sides and wants the conflict to be resolved peacefully.

“There’s a lot of anger on the street. We need forgiveness and love to flow,” he said.

Instead Alexios said he was trying to live out his Christian calling to love all people.

“We are disciples of Jesus [and] we must give love to everyone without condition,” he said.

While Alexios will not fault Hamas, others have accused the militant group of disregarding or even targeting civilians. The military ruler in Gaza confirmed Thursday that it carried out the killings of Palestinians believed to be serving as “spies” for Israel.

Hamas even executed its own former public relations spokesperson, Ayman Taha, who was killed on Monday by a firing squad.

The website Al-Majd, which has been known for its strong ties to the Hamas, warned that other collaborators with Israel will face the same fate.”The resistance will not have mercy on any of those tempted to provide the enemy information regarding the resistance and its men,” the site declared. “And the death in the field will be what they get.”Meanwhile, as a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel comes to an end, Hamas has vowed to continue its attacks.