Video Of Fish Smoking Cigarette Has People Outraged, See What The Fuss Is All About [Video]

A video uploaded to the website LiveLeak is causing quite the stir in the animal welfare community. The video shows a fish smoking a cigarette as fishermen laugh in the background. The video has been viewed over 200,000 times and has hundreds of unhappy comments.

First, you may be wondering how it is that a fish is smoking a cigarette to begin with, that is a valid question. It appears the fishermen placed a fish, who was out of the water, on a board and put the cigarette in its mouth. The fish, who is trying to breath, then begins puffing at the cigarette.

The comments range from disgust to comical with some feeling that the animal welfare groups should lighten up because it is “just a fish.” However, one fisherman disagrees.

“I am a fisherman myself but the disrespect here towards mother nature is just sad,” Sandman300000 posted on the LiveLeak video.

The individual who uploaded the video to the website says he was not taking part in the treatment of the fish but was rather just documenting it. Jonthan Hildebrand, the one responsible for uploading the video, wrote in his defense to the negative comments.

“I did not realise what was happening until it was too late. I do not know who they [the men who put the cigarette in the fish’s mouth] are. All I know is that they were French.”

The video comes right on the heels of the YouTube video of two men luring squirrels with treats only to kick them off into the Grand Canyon to their deaths.

What do you think of the smoking fish video? Is it animal cruelty or just a joke?