Oklahoma Special Ed Teacher Shows Up To First Day of School Drunk And Without Pants

An Oklahoma teacher has been jailed after showing up to her first day of work both drunk and pantless this past Monday. The teacher, Lorie Ann Hill, showed up to her first day at work with Wagoner High School intoxicated and was wearing no pants or shoes according to the Wagoner police report.

ABC News reports that Hill was a newly-hired teacher at the school. The assistant principal, Bob Haley, is the one who found Hill alone, pantless in her classroom. Since she was a new teacher, Haley had never seen her before and was unsure what the intoxicated woman was doing in the classroom, but said Hill did admit to drinking alcohol before coming to work.

“She admitted drinking before entering the building.”

PIX11 notes that Hill failed to properly check in with administration when she arrived for her first day. Instead of checking in, she proceeded to a classroom which she “claims was hers” and took off her pants.

The police report indicates that the teacher told police she had orange juice and vodka before coming to work. The arresting officer noted that when arriving at the scene he could “smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath.” When the officer performed field sobriety tests, as if they were needed on the pantless teacher, she failed all of them. The officer then asked her if anymore alcohol was on the premises, and she directed him to her vehicle that was fully stocked with vodka.

The teacher was arrested and booked on a charge of public intoxication, but police were unable to charge her with a DUI since no one in the building saw her drive up to the school. Assistant Principal Haley said there isn’t a credible witness to prove that Hill drove to school under the influence of alcohol.

Hill was arraigned on Tuesday and a judge set bail at $149. After pleading not guilty, she was released from jail Tuesday night.

Hill isn’t the first teacher to show up to work intoxicated having issues keeping pants on, students had to ask their drunk teacher to pull her pants back up at one Florida school.

Wagoner High School administration have yet to make a public statement about the drunk, pantless teacher’s future with the school. However, one can assume that a Special Education position will be open very soon. What do you think the punishment for Hill’s behavior should be?