Justin Bieber Did The Shmoney Dance And Resistance Is Futile

Justin Bieber does the Shmoney Dance, and as someone noted, the singularity may indeed be upon us.

This will perk your day up. Justin Bieber did the Shmoney Dance.

With added swag?

Of course. It’s Justin Bieber.

Looking none the worse for wear after swing-and-miss actor Orlando Bloom’s “quiet word” in Ibiza last week, the crown prince of unprintable things (who is also shifting a lot of clicks for folks, so appreciate him for that), stepped up on Friday with his take on the viral dance craze.

In doing so, the wild, young buck of pop/R&B joins a growing list of celebrities to co-sign the phenomenon started by Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda.

These include: Drake who pulled off his while hosting the ESPYS, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Megan Fox and – the ultimate endorsement – R&B/Hip-Hop royalty, Queen Beyonce and Jay Z at New Jersey’s MetLife stadium during an “On The Run” show last month.

Bieber’s Schmoney Dance moment was brought to a soon-to-be-incredulous world by pal and Detroit producer Maejor Ali. He posted two Instagram videos from a studio revealing the “Baby” singer getting his nearly-iconic dance on to Shmurda’s hit record “Hot Ni**a.”

How did Bieber do?

Well, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. But that’s the great thing about the Shmoney — its very idiosyncrasy. The loping, staggering, hilarious dance practically begs those who take it on to have fun with it. And the Biebs looks as if he’s into it, so, really, where’s the harm?

It’s perhaps not surprising Bieber and his boys probably went a little stir (Shmoney) crazy in the studio. The 20-year-old has been prepping new songs for a 2015-slated album since the start of the year and possibly before and recently previewed 11 track snippets, which may or may not make the cut.

As for Shmurda, within hours of Bieber’s video upload, he reposted it with the caption, “Ah ah ah s/o the bro Justin Bieber!!” Translation: seal of approval.

Bobby burst onto the world stage on the back of his record and moves this summer. Since then, millions of Vine homages and inevitable oft-very funny parodies have followed suit.

Speaking to Village Voice in a July interview, Shmurda was asked if he thought becoming known for a dance would hurt his career (he would later sign a deal with Epic Records that week).

The rapper’s reply was as breezy as his Shmoney Dance:

“It’s positive,” replied Shmurda. “Bringing dancing back. A lot of people don’t like to dance in rap no more. Everybody wants to two-step and look gangster. I’m not a trained dancer but I got moves. It’s natural.”

Justin Bieber certainly seems to agree.

Shmoney on kid.

Update: Some time later in the Shmoney continuuum, Bieber’s still hitting those moves, this time in a gym.