Teen Wolf Season 4 Update: Co-star Tyler Posey Debuts New Look

Teen Wolf is MTV’s summertime smash. For a season that is usually light on great shows and heavy on sunburnt skin, Teen Wolf bucks the need to rely on reruns to stimulate your mind. It’s truly must see TV.

Understandably, the Teen Wolf reviews have been really solid. Entertainment Weekly posted a glowing review on June 24. That Teen Wolf review scored an impressive 91 points out of a possible 100 on Metacritic (basically a harsher version of Rotten Tomatoes). Any video game, show or movie that breaks the 70 point mark on Metacritic is considered a really good effort. So a 91 is, like, ludicrous.

Here’s a snippet of the EW Teen Wolf review/recap:

For those of you keeping score at home: That’s werewolves, were-coyotes, were-jaguars, kitsunes, (no more) nogitsunes, and banshees… the gang’s all here!

Punchy, full of life… I mean, Jodi Walker’s writing really makes the words transcend the page. You can quite literally visualize the episode without even having watched it yet.

This stands in stark contrast to last’s season premiere episode review, which was decidedly less energetic in tone…

Last season, while bold and, at times, spectacular, also put everyone on a one-way mental torture train for 13 episodes.

Breaking Bad fans will be enthralled with Weaponized, the seventh and most recent episode of Teen Wolf. CDC officials wear hazmat suits and set up “protection bubbles” in an attempt to quarantine suffers of a mysterious deadly rash. Now what about this is similar to Breaking Bad? Those yellow suits look very similar to the pair Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) wore when they were making meth in a suburbanite’s home during the penultimate season.

The timing of Weaponized’s release is unfortunate, as a real life crisis involving a deadly illness is ravaging parts of Africa. Real life hazmat suits are being deployed in an effort to stave off the spread of the Ebola virus. They definitely aren’t being used to concoct illegal drugs!

But back to Teen Wolf

Series Star Tyler Posey who plays the half-Werewolf, half-High Schooler known Scott McCall on Teen Wolf posted a hilarious selfie on social media for all to see. The Instagram snapshot shows a seated Posey donning a 1970s-esque handlebar mustache! It’s apparently a new look for the fifth season of Teen Wolf. Check out the ‘stache on MTV.com.

MTV’s website also features each Season 4 episode in HD for free. Currently all 7 episodes have been uploaded.

Just be forewarned: the site has a ton of commercials. In that case, do you prefer to watch Teen Wolf live?

You can catch all new episodes of Teen Wolf on Monday’s at 10/9 central.

[Photo courtesy of Mashable]