Lucy Hale Models Outfit From Her New Hollister Collection

Lucy Hale is actress turned singer turned fashion designer! Lucy reportedly was working alongside Hollister in the creation of two new fashion collections according to The Inquisitr. Well, the Pretty Little Liars star was spotted modeling a jumper from her collection while performing at the Hollister House in Santa Monica.

According to Hollywood Life, Lucy Hale was performing at the Hollister House in Santa Monica on August 3 and she was sporting an adorable plum colored floral jumper which is reportedly a part of her new collection.

Lucy’s collection is reportedly set to come out in two waves. The first collection is set to be released on August 8 and will include “pieces created for layering” while her second collection is set to release on August 29 and will feature “soft, beach separates,” according to a report by the Daily Mail. Her fashion collections will include soft dresses, leggings, skirts, and tops, which are “all great for layering,” according to Hollywood Life.

The Inquisitr reported that Lucy Hale’s collections for Hollister are based on her own Southern California lifestyle:

“I just wanted this collection to feel really carefree and effortless–pieces that you can throw together last-minute to go get coffee and layer it up to go to a party with your friends,” the Pretty Little Liars star said in a statement.

Lucy continued on to say that she has had “an exciting time” working with Hollister on her new collection and she says that she was “fortunate” to be working with the brand which caters to a younger crowd. Michael Scheiner, Abercrombie spokesman, said in a statement that he believes Lucy is a perfect fit for the brand:

“This is part of our ongoing strategy to connect with our consumers and provide clothing and content that is relevant to them.”

Lucy’s performance at the Hollister House in Santa Monica was said to have been the official kick off to the collection’s debut according to The Hollywood Reporter. She will also star in the ad campaign for her two collections which will include 30 pieces ranging in price from $19.95 to $49.95.

While there hasn’t been too many sneak peeks into what the collections looks like, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that if you text “Lucy” to 743722, fans will gain access to a secret page that will feature photos and video teasers of Lucy’s new Hollister collections!

With Lucy’s busy schedule, it’s a mystery as to how she can manage her acting career in addition to her new music and fashion careers! Will you be checking out Lucy Hale’s Hollister collections when they hit store shelves?

[Image via Twitter]