UFO Spotted at Notre Dame Stadium?

College football fans who tuned into watch South Florida’s victory over Notre Dame this past Saturday apparently got a little more than they bargained for.

In addition to witnessing the Fighting Irish’s head coach Brian Kelly turn multiple shades of red during his second-half rage-fest, those who watched the game’s broadcast entirety got a chance to see the presence of extraterrestrial life hovering above the Notre Dame Stadium – at least, according to the folks at UFO Sightings Daily’s website.

During a stretch when the game was delayed and the stadium was evacuated due to an aggressive thunderstorm accompanied by multiple lightning strikes, amateur skywatchers noticed a number of unidentified flying objects circling the historic stadium in Indiana.

“The sports reporters began talking about the lightning, getting the cameraman too [sic] focus on it,” writes Scott C. Waring, who created the UFO conspiracy website. “As they looked at the lightning, other objects (whitish) were flying about in the clouds. One of these objects was recorded going straight then suddenly made a sharp curve disappearing into the same cloud that a few seconds earlier shot lightning out.”

While Waring’s site goes on to say that the stadium was evacuated because of UFOs and lightning strikes – an obvious stretch of the truth – the video in itself still makes for interesting discussion.

Watch the Notre Dame Stadium UFO sighting clip below and chime in with your opinion on the matter.